Couples DTS


SCHOOL DATES:                                             SCHOOL COSTS:

28th August 2017 – 26th January 2018               |            All inclusive.  .  .  .  .  . 9,300€ per couple

3rd September 2018 – 25th January 2019                        *more details on pricing & allowance below



S o ,   y o u ’ r e   m a r r i e d ?

Want more in LIFE? More of GOD?

A deeper connection with your SPOUSE?

There is a Discipleship Training School (DTS) designed especially for you!

Couples DTS has been uniquely tailored to suit the needs and life-stage of those who are married. It’s specifically designed with an emphasis on relationship and growing together: both in your connection with each other and with the Lord. It’s created as a holistic experience that encourages transformation and fills you with passion and purpose to advance God’s Kingdom. Together.


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“You want to take your marriage & your future to the next level? This is the unique & transformational experience you have been looking for. Build & strengthen your marriage relationship with deeper understanding of each other & God, discover your calling, & engage in an intimate & challenging learning experience from the best teachers in the world.”

-Raphael & Nadia

It is our desire to         journey alongside

you as a couple in this unique season of your

life to give you the tools & foundation for

a vibrant marriage relationship – And 

inspire you to pursue God’s calling

with passion & purpose.


 “Couples DTS was a life changing experience. 5 years in busy daily life didn’t do the same breakthrough as 6 months time of DTS did. Now we have the tools to handle conflicts, to hear God’s voice better & understand what God has planned for us for the future.

-Jonas & Miia



The lecture phase is spanned over 11 weeks, covering 11 powerful and impacting topics with a schedule that creates greater opportunity for the necessary time you need to process what God is doing, together as a couple. The schedule also includes marriage course curriculum, creatively romantic date nights, and many opportunities to interact and work together as a couple by applying what you are learning.

Couples DTS teachings include topics like:

-The Character & Nature of God
– Holy Spirit & Hearing God’s Voice
– Identity
– Marriage
– Biblical Worldview
– Cross-Cultural Missions & Evangelism

After an inspiring and challenging lecture phase, you will be involved in the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned. This opportunity will take you out to serve both nationally and abroad, sharing the gospel of Jesus with spoken words and through the demonstration of your lives. During this time of outreach, evangelism will take on many forms, with an emphasis placed on ministering to other couples.




“You will experience growth in many areas of your life, explore more of your gifts & your calling – & in the end you will discover that your faith has increased, your intimacy has reached a deeper level, & your image of God, marriage & yourself has changed.”

-Nikolai & Naemi

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“The time of our Couples DTS was a key to a lot of things God was starting to move in our marriage. We discovered the important connection of how deeply our personal relationship with God impacts our marriage relationship. Our DTS empowered our marriage to be able to go through different challenges & adventures together & has made us stronger as a couple. The personal process of healing that happened during DTS has given us a new understanding for each others emotions 

& perspectives. We left DTS with a deep longing to become more & more the persons God created us to be. We are amazed by the journey he continues to walk with us since then.”

-Beni & Hanna

 This is an incredible opportunity

to see your marriage strengthened

& hearts challenged & enriched

for a life together of advancing God’s kingdom.

“Our Couples DTS was really life-changing! When you give time to God He surely changes the patterns of your life…Our desire has always been to serve God as a couple, but during our DTS we go a deeper & practical understanding of with it really means. A couples DTS is a very good investment for the rest of your life!

-Thomas & Susanna

Couples DTS was a turning point for us. It encouraged us from a performance-based lifestyle to guarding our relationship with God. During Couples DTS we were able to face both our own & our spouses painful & difficult things in our lives & find our common vision & calling. We recommend the journey of finding new things – we recommend Couples DTS as a voyage of discovery.

-Ilkka & Riitta





This specific school is specially designed for couples without children (yet). If you are a family with children and are interested in doing a DTS there are some amazing Family DTS’s running in a number of locations around the world. We would be very happy to recommend them to you! 

DTS does not require the students to commit to YWAM as an organization. Rather, we encourage everyone to keep in touch with their home churches as well as to seek their place and God’s guidance in their lives. After completing a DTS, those who are interested have an opportunity to work full time in YWAM in Finland or anywhere in the over 1200 ministry centers worldwide.


The next Couples DTS is 28th August 2017 – 26th January 2018


  • Registration fee EUR 300,- per couple. You pay this AFTER you have been accepted. This fee is non refundable, but will be subtracted from the total fee for the lecture phase.
  • Lecture phase EUR 4800,- per couple. This includes accommodation, meals, tuition, study materials and the cost of evangelistic outreaches during the lecture phase as well as school related activities.
  • Outreach EUR 4,500,- per couple. This includes return airfare/s, accommodation, meals and transportation in the country/s of destination. Does not however include possible visas, medicines or vaccinations.

TOTAL cost of the school: EUR 9,300,- per couple (excluding STO application)

  • People from Finland may register to be students of Suomen Teologinen Opisto (STO), and through that they may receive student allowance money for the entire school. Registration for STO costs an additional EUR 500,- per person (this includes necessary insurance)


PLEASE NOTE: There is both a minimum & maximum number of couples that we are able to take for this school in order for it to be the best possible experience for you.



The application for DTS is made up of three parts.

Part 1) You can start the application process by filling the Personal Information Form from THIS LINK!

Part 2) Fill out the Application Form (part 2) that will be emailed to you & have 3 Referees fill out their part

Part 3) Once we’ve received your applications (Part 1 & 2) and all three reference forms, we’ll prayerfully read through them and contact you to arrange a time to Skype with your SCHOOL LEADERS

We ask you to be honest when answering the questions, and not to underestimate or overestimate yourself. Your motivation for applying to a DTS is important when we evaluate your application. Therefore use enough time to answer the DTS-application thoroughly and prayerfully! Please remember to let your referees fill out the reference forms honestly and privately. Every application will be treated confidentially. If you have any questions about the application process, please email us at

Please note!

If you are from outside the EU or Schengen Area, you might need a visa to enter Finland and/or possibly the outreach destination. The lecture phase time contains 90 days in Finland so if the tourist visa allows you to be 90 days in country, you can join in with that!



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