Base leaders


God spoke to me about Ruurikkala when I was doing my DTS in Porvoo, Finland, in 2005. I did not know what kind of adveture it would be, but after these years I can say, that it has been awesome! Now I’m serving side by side with my wife Sanna-Maria as a Base Leader of beautiful YWAM Ruurikkala, by doing and serving every way possible, and sometimes even the ways it is not possible. 🙂

Sanna-Maria was working as a youthleader in a Church before doing her DTS in Rovaniemi, Finland, in 2007. After her DTS God led her to Ruurikkala 2008. Sanna-Maria loves Jesus and the Word of God, and carries the Finnish youth in her heart.

We got married in the fall 2009 and after that our life has been learning new things, in our marriage, work and everything. We love what God is doing in our life and in Ruurikkala, it is so exciting to see God doing things He has been speaking about years ago.

God has been faithful by opening doors in the way only the Living God can do. Those doors have led us to work with Churches in Finland and to work fulltime in YWAM. Together we serve by teaching and preaching, discipling and encouraging young people to live their life with Jesus, giving 100% to Him who is the Living God. We have also Israel and His People in our hearts as a couple and as a YWAM Base.

God has called us to serve in Ruurikkala and we trust God will take care of us!

You are welcome to join us in Ruurikkala, it can be your home too!

Be blessed!

Roope & Sanna-Maria Laukkonen