Couples DTS September 2017



Dare to believe that God has more for your life and marriage?

As well as endeavouring to create an atmosphere for a deeply personal, life-changing experience with God, the desire is to see your marriage strengthened and thriving – inspiring you and giving you the foundation from which to passionately serve the Lord together. Some of the ways we seek to do this is through:

  • Learning together – growing together – doing together
  • Discovering and understanding your unique identity, gifting’s and calling both as an individual and as a couple – and learning how to complement each other in this
  • Empowering and equipping you as a couple to be effective and intentional in serving together and multiplying yourselves into other couples
  • Inspiring you to live out a marriage that speaks the truth about who God is

The lecture phase is spanned over 12 weeks, covering 12 powerful and impacting topics. This schools design is for a more relaxed schedule that creates greater opportunity for the necessary time you need to process what God is doing, together as a couple. The schedule also includes marriage course curriculum, creatively romantic date nights, and many opportunities to interact and work together as a couple by applying what you are learning.

After an inspiring and challenging lecture phase, you will be involved in the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned. This opportunity will take you out to serve both nationally and abroad, sharing the gospel of Jesus with spoken words and through the demonstration of your lives. During this time of outreach, evangelism will take on many forms, with an emphasis placed on ministering to other couples.

It is our desire to journey alongside you as a couple in this unique season of your life to give you the tools and foundation for a vibrant marriage relationship – and inspire you to pursue God’s calling with passion and purpose. Together.

This is an incredible opportunity to see your marriage strengthened and hearts challenged and enriched for a life together of advancing God’s kingdom.


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